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Get Your Skin Under Control

Get Your Skin Under Control


Anyone out there ever have a problem with adult acne or know of someone who has? Talk about an INSTANT drop in confidence! I have been an esthetician for several years. However, I have been focusing mostly on makeup and waxing for the most part. I continue reading articles and trying to practice what I preach, but this summer something happened. Call it hormones, age, stress (all of the above?), but my skin drastically changed! In the past I would get a pimple or two around my period, no big deal. The big deal came when those two pimples turned to four and would never go away. Heck, they just kept multiplying! Thankfully for me, it wasn’t cystic acne. It was more underground white heads that gave me a rough, bumpy look and feel to my complexion. Instead of taking my usual advice to leave it alone, I started picking my face...a lot. Which only led to things getting worse.

All the things that worked for me (and others I knew) in the past, was not working for me anymore! If someone had good skin, I would ask for their skincare routine and go home and try it. I even bought 6 products from my local CVS Pharmacy hoping for the best. All that did was add more congestion!

You have to understand that this wasn’t just hurting my confidence due to my outer complexion. This hit me extra had because people typically came to ME for advice! I couldn’t even fix my own problem and that was a hard pill to swallow.

It was then that I reached out to my old friend, Lindsay Meyers, for help. She is an amazing esthetician and had recently opened up her own place, Urban Aesthetics in Rocklin. I messaged her, "HELP!!!! I have adult acne and I don’t know what to do!! I have done all I can and its not getting any better".

After quickly getting me in, she explained to me that I didn’t have acne, just a TON of congestion. She also explained that we aren’t as young as we once were and that it was time I start investing in my skin. She told me that she was going to get my skin back to where it was. She was so confident about it, I believed her and couldn’t wait to get things started!  What I love about Lindsay is that she is SO knowledgeable. She thoroughly explained to me the entire process she was going to take me through. She had an educated answer for any questions I had. I recently had a facial by another esthetician at her place and it was just as dreamy and educational!

She introduced me to my newest obsession, the Hydra facial. Oh... My....Goodness! This is the real deal! Since Lindsay is the true expert, I asked her give you the low down on this amazing treatment and this is what she says: "HydraFacial is a medical grade facial treatment that provides long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. This is a multi-step treatment that evenly exfoliates, extracts to remove impurities and dead skin all while replenishing vital nutrients and hydration. The results are instantly noticeable without any irritation - we're talking super smooth, squeaky clean, plump and radiant glow for days".

Did I mention this is the cutest space ever?! It has such an amazing feel upon arrival. The vibe is fresh and new. It always smells super yummy and I instantly begin to feel relaxed. She has created a zen environment with passionate focus to offer nothing but the best innovative skincare and technology.  Urban Aesthetics was created to help people put their best foot (or face) forward and to instill confidence in people so everyone’s authentic beauty can shine through.  All in all, I have been thrilled with my experience and am loving my results!

If you don’t already, follow them Instagram @urbanaestheticsca

Let’s get the scoop on Lindsay personally and professionally:

What are three things you always have in your purse?
Lip balm, floss and laptop- can’t leave home without them!

Single/ Dating/ Married?
Happily married with 2 kids.

What is your favorite lip color?
MAC “Lady Danger” and Anastasia Liquid Lipstick “Craft”.

Bronzer or Blush? or Both?
Both, I like to switch it up.

Red wine or White wine?
Either one is great!

What is your favorite starburst flavor?
Cherry first, Strawberry second.

Three must have skincare products?
Appropriate cleanser, moisturizer and SPF tailored to current skin condition.

How often should one get a facial?
I always encourage monthly maintenance treatments.

When you aren’t making skin beautiful, where would one find you?
At home in my comfys with my family.

Contact info:

Urban Aesthetics
2110 Sunset Blvd, Ste 500
Rocklin, Ca95765

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