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Organize Your Closet for Spring!

Organize Your Closet for Spring!

How good does it feel after you have done some spring cleaning?! For me, it is like a breath of fresh air! Although, I don't often feel like I even have enough hours in the day to get everyday chores done, I feel its so important to schedule in time to get big jobs done like organizing the closets! I am actually pretty good at going through my closet every few months to get rid of stuff I am not wearing and either selling it or donating it. That is why I was SO surprised how much stuff I still was able to get rid of when I recently did a huge closet clean out with the help of my sister in law, Owner of Leaf and Hawk, Nicole Creel. 

Although her business is centered around creating one of a kind feather jewelry and sharing her love of essential oils, she has always loved organizing and often says the closet is her favorite task. I knew when I wanted to start off my spring cleaning list with my closet, she was the gal to call. I realize that when doing such a big clean out, it usually means a big mess before you see the clean. The timing was perfect. My husband, who is a fan of things tidy, was out of town for two days on business. This meant I could take my time and really allow things to get messy! I will warn you that this did take me about two days to have everything on my checklist done. It may be because I started around 3, and had to stop a few hours later in order to make the kiddos dinner, bath time, books and bed. I decided to continue the process after I dropped my oldest off a school the next am. If you start this earlier or do it on the weekend, Im sure you could bust it out in one day! 

  1. Take everything out of the closet- I really mean EVERYTHING!
  2. Try on - "It may sound daunting, but for me this is a must. Now, if I wore it last week and it is a total staple there is no need to try it on." 
  3. Make three piles: Keep, Donate/Sell, Attic- 'Ask yourself one question, “Do I love it?” It really is a hell yes or it is a no.  You know the feeling when you try something on and you have to have it. It is you. It makes you feel something - comfortable, sexy, cute, fun, creative, yourself! A lot of times we get things because someone else said we should, it was a gift or given to us, we have had it for years, we have memories tied to it, and so on. But when was the last time we wore it? We typically wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. So, peace out..thanks for being a part of my life - and let it go!'

  4. Start hanging with intention- Typically, I would hang things grouped by color. I would typically go whites/creams, rainbow, grays, black. Nicole sectioned things with color, but what I found brilliant was that she grouped similar clothing together by color. It went like this:
  • All Dresses (Length long to short/ Thin straps to sleeves to long sleeves) Depending on what pleases you visually you adjust things around.
  • Long Jumpsuits 
  • Long Skirts
  • Tanks
  • Short Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves
  • Outerwear- Nicole likes to keep bulkier jackets in another closet, if possible, to free up more space.

I loved this touch because it makes finding an outfit so much easier! Sometimes I would forget about t-shirts I have. Now they are all grouped together and easily found!

5. Fold and Put Away- Nicole suggested to put my tanks and pj's in my dresser and bring my jeans into my closet. They are all similar in size and will stay organized on my shelves more easily. I also placed my leggings in one of my white baskets. 

6. Make a list. Maybe you noticed there are things that you might want/need to go buy. Some samples Nicole mentions are "getting all same hangers, some containers, organizers, hooks, a piece of art, a candle, a rug, beautiful wallpaper - make it a fun and inspiring place to be - an extension of you." I needed to get a couple baskets to hold my overnight bags and purses. I also was hoping to find a better shoe rack. The best part was the clothes that I sold to a local FreeStyle store, paid for all of these! 

7. Break time? "Depending on your time, your energy level you might want to take a quick break. I like to take little breaks to give my eyes a rest. Take a lap around the house. Get some inspo on Pinterest. Journal. Meditate. Switch up the playlist. But after 5 minutes get up and fight. ROUND 2." 


8. Find a home for what doesn't belong. I moved some of my luggage up into my attic, files into the office, coats into the closet, and loaded up my car with things to donate or sell! 

9. Pat yourself on the back!- You did it!!! How amazing do you feel?! 

I hope you find these tips helpful! If anything, I hope you leave here inspired to tackle your closet!


My embarrassing before (gulp!), during, and 7 bags of clothes, 1 GIANT bag of garbage, a trip to the attic later..... the amazing after! (exhale...ahhhhhh)





Photos Taken By: Nichole Bremer Photography


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