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Timeless and Modern

Timeless and Modern

Katrina Stumbos and I met at the makeup trial for her sister's wedding. I knew right away that I was going to have a great time dolling those two ladies up. They were so fun and instantly felt like long time friends. Since the wedding, I have been lucky enough to work with Katrina and do her makeup several times for other weddings and events. She recently made a visit to my home to do what she does best. I had seen her work and knew I needed her expertise with a few projects I had in mind with my home. 

Katrina is an interior designer and has been in the industry for eight years. She opened her own business about five years ago. She travels all over to share her brilliance. She has been a design contributor for local publications. Her work has been featured in both local and national print and digital media. She designed a bathroom set for Brizo’s Sotria faucet collection, worked as a designer on the House Crasher series on HGTV, and designed a kitchen which was shot for Lumens Summer 2016 catalog and print advertisement. 

I wanted to find out where Katrina finds her love, inspiration, and style of design, and much more. Here is what she had to say:

When did you find your love for design?

"Ever since I was young I used to rearrange my parent's living room furniture. I still can’t believe my parents let me do that. As I got older my parents built a new home and I remember being obsessed with the floor plans and helping with all of the details". 

Where do you find your inspiration?


Do you have a favorite project?

"I have several that have really captured my heart but I don’t have a single favorite. I did a major remodel of a mid-century modern home that was creatively challenging and inspiring. I know that one will always hold a special place in my heart". 

Do you have a favorite location?

"Most of my work is in the Sacramento area which is home to me and I adore. I have also worked in San Francisco and down the coast of California. I love to do projects that are out of town. They offer me an opportunity to explore different design styles and be inspired by a new surrounding". 

How would you describe your design style?

"Oh this is a tough one... understated luxury. Whether I am designing an ultra modern or more traditional home I always strive to bring luxury to my spaces without being 'over the top' ". 

What is your favorite thing about being a designer?

"My clients and the end photo. I really feel that I was destined to do what I am doing so I love and appreciate all stages of design. Even the ones that are difficult to navigate". 

What is your least favorite thing about being a designer?

"The 6:30 AM contractor phone calls!".

What would you suggest for someone who is thinking of remodeling? What should their first steps be? 

"Find a designer first — they will help you through the entire process".

Do you see trends? Are there any up and coming we should be looking out for?

"Of course! Personally I am seeing people more willing to go bold whether it be with their tile selection or sofa fabric color. On the flip side, I continue to see monochromatic neutral interiors trending". 

Have you ever had to decline a client because your taste is so different? (IE their's suck!)

"Haha! I have. You can usually tell when someone isn’t going to be on the same page style-wise. It’s best to not force yourself into a design relationship that won’t work — sort of like dating! ;)".


Let's the scoop on Katrina...

What are three things you always have in your purse?

"15 lip glosses, dog leash, and my favorite pens".

Single/ Dating/ Married?

"Single, baby. ;)"

What is your favorite lip color?

"Nude lips for sure — I have about 35 different nude lip glosses and lipsticks. In fact I just ordered 5 more this weekend". 

Bronzer, Blush, or Both?

"I am all about the contouring even though I do not do it right".

Red or White wine?

"I’m an equal opportunist". 

What is your favorite candy?

"I know this is so gross, but I love Swedish Fish. Only the red ones. Also anything caramel". 

Three must have decor/design  staples?

"Good down filled throw pillows, an awesome area rug and fresh flowers. Flowers make everything better".

How often should one freshen up their decor?

"Just as your closet evolves, so should your home. When you find new things you love buy them and switch them out for older things that you may not love anymore. I constantly restyle my coffee table and nightstands to give a fresh new feel to my spaces". 

When you aren’t making spaces beautiful, where would we find you?

"Walking my puppies, at coffee or on airplane off to my next work or fun trip"!


Contact info:

Instagram: @ks_interiordesign


Phone: 916-802-8968

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