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How I Cut My Getting Ready Time in Half with Eyelash Extensions!

How I Cut My Getting Ready Time in Half with Eyelash Extensions!


Tandy Lash Lounge

I was getting ready for a trip to Maui when I decided I had a brilliant idea to help cut my vacation getting ready process in half- Eyelash extensions!!  I envisioned myself waking up with a 'natural' bronzy glow, throwing on a little tinted moisturizer (with spf of course) and heading to the beach. I would typically need a bit more makeup but I had heard that lash extensions make you feel gorgeous upon waking up. I know, I know that is a pretty big claim.  But you know what? It DOES help! I remember the first morning I had them. Rolling out of bed after "sleeping pretty" per request of my lash artist heading into the bathroom and catching a glimpse in the mirror. It was the first time in a long time that I saw myself that early and was pleasantly surprised with the reflection in the mirror!

Needless to say, from that day forward I was hooked. I was getting them "for my trip to Hawaii", but fast forward a year and a half later and I was still getting my fills every 2-3 weeks and absolutely loving them. After about a year and a half I decided to give my lashes a little break. I was terrified about taking them off. What are my lashes going to look like? What kind of shape will they be in? Am I going to regret my love affair with lash extensions immediately after removal? The answer: NO. Heck NO! My lashes were in tip top shape! Yes, they felt short and fine but that was because I didn't have fake hair on them. I had no chunks missing, no breakage, nada. To my surprise they were in the same shape they were over a year ago when I began this amazing process. 

I have to say that I believe my lashes were still in great shape due to a few things. One, my lash artist. She was SO informative with all the tools and information I needed to keep my false and natural lashes healthy. I was instructed to NOT use certain products that I had been previously using.  Although I tried to fudge this here and there she would always call me on it and keep me in check. I applaud her and thank her for this. She is the expert and knows what it takes to keep them looking and feeling amazing. I was also told to "sleep pretty". I giggled when she said it but it reminded to be mindful when I was snoozing. If this task is hard for you, Borboleta sells sleeping masks that are amazing!

I have a friend who knows the difference between good lash extension and let's say not so good of lash extensions. I introduced her to Tandy lashes and it was a game changer. This is what she had to say: "I've been getting my lashes done for over 4 years now. I was getting them done in San Diego at a random lash salon until I moved back to Sacramento in October 2015. I always go to Taryn for all my beauty and makeup needs and knew she would be the best person to ask as to where to get my lashes done. She said you definitely need to go to Tandy. I texted her right away and got an appointment. Let's just say my lash extensions could not be continued in the shape they were in. Megan (my lash artist) was pretty horrified and I was too after seeing my before and after video and we ended up removing them and getting a whole new set. The phrase "you get what you pay for" couldn't be more true in this scenario. Yes there was a little shock at the initial cost, but I have been going to Tandy for a year and a half and my lashes always look amazing and natural. The best part is that they aren't ruined. I could remove them today and my lashes underneath would be just fine. Its become a true beauty addiction and a must in my routine. Not to mention I always love going into Tandy. It's a cute salon, great recliners that make the time bearable, and the best Borboleta products are used. Using the best products and having lash stylists that are certified is a must! I LOVE my Borboleta lashes from Tandy and wouldn't go anywhere else!!". - Andi Bortoletto

I asked the owners of Tandy how they came about.  Co-owner Megan Tandberg said, "After taking a Borboleta Beauty eyelash extension training course in 2014, I knew lashes were going to be my thing. I went from taking clients one day a week, to having a full-time clientele, working 10-12 hours a day within 3 months.  At that point I knew I needed to expand my business so I decided to partner with Sarah Chase, owner of the Garage Salon. We had the same drive, passion, and vision for what we wanted Tandy Lash Lounge to be. We opened in 2015 and now have 10 employees and offer lash, brow, and nail services. We are so proud of our team and what we have accomplished. We couldn't have done it without the hard work and dedication of every single one of our Tandy girls. There have been times where we both have thought 'wow this is a lot harder than we thought' and as business owners we have to make some really tough decisions, but we wouldn't change ONE thing.  


I now educate and travel the world with Borboleta Beauty teaching people how to do the same thing I did. I want to empower women to open salons, become lash bosses, and uplift the industry. I am extremely serious about what I do and in order have a sustainable business you need to mean business. It isn't for everyone but you know what? We are ok with that. To work at Tandy we have a very high standard because the client expects the best. I am so grateful, humbled, and honored to be a Girl Boss along side Sarah.  We will continue to grow and uplift the industry one lash at a time!".

Co-owner Sarah Chase said: "I have a passion for design, am fashion obsessed & live to make people beautiful. I've pretty much grown up in the beauty biz and started cosmetology in high school. From there I worked as a makeup artist at MAC and specialized in formal hair & makeup for 5 years. After that I worked full time as a stylist behind the chair doing advanced color. I had always wanted to design and create a space of my own and for others to express their creativity and make people beautiful. Being in the industry for 9 years at age 23, I decided to open my first salon, "The Garage Hair Lounge". Megan and I were introduced through mutual friends and instantly hit it off. A year later we partnered and opened "Tandy Lash Lounge".  Who knows what's next for us?!".

I, for one, am so thankful these ladies came together to make this amazing experience at Tandy Lash Lounge. If you have thought about trying out lash extensions and reside in the Sacramento area I highly recommend you making an appointment here. The lash artists are all very friendly, educated, use the best of the best products (Borboleta), and will send you home with the information you need to keep your natural lashes healthy! 

Let's get to know these ladies on a more personal level...............

What are three things that you always carry in your purse?

Sarah: "Lip gloss, hand lotion, gum". 

Single/ Dating/ Married?

Sarah: "Married".

Fave lip color?

Sarah: "Red or nude". 

Blush or Bronzer?

Sarah: "Both". 

Red or white wine?

Sarah: "Both red & white wine (winter/summer) ;-) ".

What is your favorite candy?

Sarah: "Dark chocolate".

What are three must have beauty products? 

Sarah: "Dior lip maximizer gloss, Davines Hair Refresher (dry cleansing shampoo), Davines Hair Assistant blow dry primer".  

When you are not making people beautiful, where would one find you?

Sarah: "Exercising or enjoying wine on a patio ". 

To See Megan's answers, go to my article with Borboleta Beauty!!

Contact Info: 

M E G A N  T A N D B E R G    

Sales  |  Educator   |  |   m. 619-246-9002

Photos by: Nichole Bremer Photography

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