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Beautiful Makeup in 10 Minutes Or Less!

Beautiful Makeup in 10 Minutes Or Less!

Are you busy? Do you ever feel like you are rushed in the morning? Are you finding more and more that you literally only have ten minutes to throw on your makeup? I find myself in this predicament almost every morning when I am rushing my kids out the door to drive them to school. I try and schedule more time for my makeup if I have an event to attend. Although, on most days I am given ten minutes or less to complete my makeup routine. This is often done with my youngest at my feet, trying to get his little fingers on all of my cosmetics or fighting with his older brother about something!  

Before you begin reading my suggestions I want to make something very clear- more makeup doesn't need to mean more time!  If you see more products listed than you are used to, don't let it discourage you. Whenever I suggest a primer clients tend to say "I just don't have time for an extra step". This "step" won't only help your makeup go on more smoothly, it will also help keep your makeup in tact for longer. If that isn't reason enough for you to add it to the routine and you're still thinking it will add too much time, kill two birds with one stone and get a primer that has a moisturizer built into it-boom!

1. Moisturize and prime (30 Seconds)

Pump product in your palms and rub into skin. Add under eye cream, if desired. If you like this all to set in a bit, brush your teeth in between this and the next step. 

2. Foundation, concealer, highlight (3 Minutes)

When in a pinch I will place my concealer over dark circles and dark spots, place a lighter concealer or highlighter on the tops of the cheek bones and "dot" my foundation along the untouched areas (usually cheeks, forehead, nose and chin) . After all is in place I will use a damp beauty blender or brush to blend it into the skin. 

3. Set with powder (30 seconds)

Take a light dusting of translucent or foundation powder to set.

4. Bronze, Blush, Shimmer (3 minutes)

With the bronzer, I create a '3' and 'E' and touch slightly into the crease of my eyelid. Then place blush on the apples of the cheeks and dip into a little bit of shimmer to apply to the tops of cheekbones and brow bone. 

5. Brows and Mascara (2 minutes) 

Fill in brows with whatever you are most comfortable with. I'm quickest with powder. Do NOT skip this step! With your mascara, apply a few extra strokes to thicken the top lashes. 

Gloss in the car. ;-)

Photography by: Nichole Bremer Photography



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