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Why Borboleta Beauty Is A Step Ahead Of The Rest

Why Borboleta Beauty Is A Step Ahead Of The Rest

Borboleta Beauty

Something that has become more and more popular with women everywhere are eyelash extensions. Do you want to wake up and feel like you barely need any makeup at all? Well, this my friends is the ticket! When I had lash extensions, they made my morning routine SO easy!! I just threw on some tinted moisturizer, bronzer and some lip gloss and was out the door. Out the door feeling great, I might add. One of the leading providers for lash education and products for artists everywhere is the one and only, Borboleta Beauty.  

Borboleta was founded by Kim Jaynes.  In the early stages of lash artistry, Kim was in search of something wonderful. When she couldn’t find it she created it. Her company is committed to continued education and support in the art of lashing. They call it the “Borby Difference”.  From their unique yarn fiber lashes to the world renowned training courses, Borboleta is a step ahead of the rest. People can expect high quality products, amazing customer service and knowledgeable industry experts who can give you the “why” behind the product. 

There is a true sense of family when one works for Borboleta. The owners and founders truly care about each and every one of their employees.  They also truly care about their customers and what they need because at the end of the day, everyone in the lash office are lash artists and customers. They have a sense of urgency to provide the best products and education because the two go hand in hand.  They are not afraid to share their knowledge and skills with anyone. Truly believing that the more they are able to share, the more success the entire industry will have. 

Last weekend I met up with Kim Jaynes-CEO of Borboleta & Megan Tandberg-VP of sales at Borboleta and co-owner of Tandy Lash Lounge. Both women are beyond gorgeous inside and out. They were personable, funny and very down to earth.  Although they are sweet these two are very strong business women and have high expectations while making sure to deliver their best.

I asked Kim what it is that she loves most about working at Borboleta and being apart of the Borboleta team. She says what she loves most is “Seeing the company grow every day into something amazing. We have changed and grown so much in four years and I love seeing daily progress from our fast pace environment. I get to do what I love everyday and I am consistently learning more about business, myself, and how to be a team player. This by far has been the most challenging yet rewarding job I have ever had".

Megan says "I love how fast paced it is, the travel, and being able to bring what I know and learn back to my salon, Tandy Lash Lounge. When I met Kim she had 4 employees.  We now have over 40  and the team grows every day. I love meeting lash artists all over the country and spreading the borby love. We want to create a lash community of artists that care about the industry and wish nothing but success to everyone". I asked Megan why she found Borboleta to be the best of the best (as a lash lounge owner). She says "Hands down, the customer service and the luxury product.  All you have to do is try the adhesive and lashes as an artist and you will be hooked". Megan also mentioned that it is because of Borboleta that she believes her salon is so successful. 


Let's get the scoop on these beauties... 

What are three things you always have in your purse?

Kim: "Lip gloss, my passport, and jo malone perfume".

Megan: "Dior Lip Maximizer, Emme Diane Tinted SPF for Face, Protein Bars".

Single/ Dating/ Married?

Both: "Married".

What is your favorite lip color?

Kim: "Currently I love Dior ultra gloss in Nude". 

Megan: "I love imaginaire Lip gloss from Chanel-it is the perfect purple/pink".

Bronzer, Blush or Both?

Kim: "BOTH".

Megan: "Both! NARS orgasm blush and NARS laguna bronzer ALL DAY EVERYDAY".

Red or White wine?

Kim: "Red".

Megan: "Both".

What is your favorite candy?

Kim: "Caramellos".

Megan: "I hate candy but I chew gum ALL DAY".

Three must have Borboleta products?

Kim: "Lashes, 255 tweezers, and reusable lash wand".


Megan: "Volume tweezers, our new formulated gel lash cleanser, and my lash makeup bag".

How often should one get their lashes filled?

Both: "Every 2-3 weeks".

When you aren’t helping make the world of lashes more beautiful, where would one find you?

Kim: "At my favorite yoga studio core power".

Megan: "With my family! I have two boys that love the outdoors.  We play a lot of baseball, basketball,soccer and starting snow skiing now that we live in Utah-Or you can find me at NORDSTROM".


If you are interested in finding a Borboleta lash artist in your area, go to their website There is a link that says “find a bobby artist” If you click that it will direct youth a map where you can put your zip code in and all of their certified artists in that area will pop up!! 

Photos by: Nichole Bremer Photography

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