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The Inside Scoop with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Christine Symonds

The Inside Scoop with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Christine Symonds


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to get to travel the world with some of the hottest celebrities? To be a part of getting them ready for the next big award show? Creating the next "it" look in Hollywood? Someone that does this daily is celebrity hairstylist, Christine Symonds. Christine has some of the best energy about her. You cannot help but smile and have a great time when you are in her presence. She is also beyond talented at her craft! It is no wonder why she is the go-to girl when it comes to her celeb clients. She has worked with Hollywood beauties such as Jessica Simpson, Kristen Bell, Chelsea Handler, Kaley Cuoco, Busy Phillips, Lauren Cohan, and many others.

I wanted to get the behind the scenes scoop for my readers. Find out where Christine finds her inspiration, some of her must have products, her favorite hairstyles and much more. Please join me while we get a sneak peak into the world of celebrity hair. 

As a celeb artist, is there one of your clients that stands out as having the best hair?

"I think what is so fun about doing hair is the opportunity for versatility. A lot of people ask if I prefer to cut men or women. The truth is some of my women have shorter hair, then some of my men clientele and vice versa. I think the best part about hair is tapping into someone's individuality. And that can change from one style or cut to the next. The point is, I think I'm lucky to work with people who aren't afraid of change-which makes it hard to pick the 'best hair' ".


What is the craziest experience you have had as a celebrity hairstylist?

"The craziest? Oh man, there are so many different directions to go with this. :) I think I have gotten to see things in a way I would have never been able to experience on my own. You get to see parts of the world you would never see. Or see behind the scenes things that a normal audience wouldn't have access to. I've gotten to see Chris Martin sound check in a room of just 15 people because he was opening the show for Chelsea Handler. I've gotten to do a press tour with Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Hart, which was basically an intimate comedy show. My cheeks have never hurt so badly. It's things like that, that I go home and think how crazy my days can actually be". 

What is your favorite thing about working with some of the hottest people in the industry??

"I think one of the most fun things about working with people in the entertainment industry is creating looks and vibes, and seeing the final product. These people get to play dress up on a regular basis and you get to be a part of that process. There is definitely a feeling you get when the whole look comes together with the wardrobe stylist, make up artist, and hair stylist. When you see that final look on the red carpet, it can be such a rewarding feeling". 

Do you often do one client for award shows or multiple?

"When I first started, I didn't know how to say 'No' so I would over book myself on awards days and make my life so difficult. I can remember driving from one client's house to the next practically in tears and a stress case. I have learned over time that by prioritizing time and giving myself a realistic schedule for the day only made everyone happier. You can't do it all! Whether that means hiring an assistant for the day or recommending someone else for the job. I now usually do 2 people tops for award show days. In the end, everyone feels more relaxed and better. It allows the client to get the attention they deserve as well". 


Is there an average time spent on someone's hair?

"This is super circumstantial. Usually when I get booked for a "do and go",  I am there for 2 hours. I usually tag team the client with the make up artist. It's nice to have plenty of time to get them ready right before they walk out the door". 

Where do you find your inspiration?               

I am such a fan of Pinterest and YouTube! I can spend hours getting lost on the internet.  It's crazy how much creativity is out there. I get a lot of inspiration from my salon clientele. It's awesome to see what they come in and ask for. I like to see what they are coveting". 

What are a few products you can't live without? 

Oribe dry texture spray - "It's great for up-dos or getting texture in hair that is left down". 

Batiste Dry Shampoo - "I have worked with this company for 2 years now. I am seriously a fan though! It has the best oil absorbing formula". 

R&Co SAIL- "It's a soft wave spray that leaves the hair with the perfect body and texture".

What are the latest trends? Is there a hot color for summer? Are there any up and coming hairstyles to look out for?

"I think straight hair is making a trend right now. Everyone has been doing the textured wave for some time now and we are now seeing some sleeker straighter length and styles". 

What is your go to look? 

"I like hair that moves and you can touch. A beautiful blow out with some texture in the mid lengths and ends will never go out of style". 

Is Balyage still in?

"I don't think it will ever go out of style. It's great because it gives you time to let the hair grow out and you do not need to get it done as often". 

Are Braids still in? 

"Yes, its all about the micro braids now". 

Are there any tricks for ladies who have a slight receding hairline? 

"There are so many products out there to mask receding hairlines. There is toppik or color wow which are temporary fixes but effective for sure. There are supplements out there like Nutrafol or Vivascal that are super great for thinning hair". 

For fine hair, are there certain products or techniques you would suggest for volume? Something to help prevent the look of frizz, or over teased?

"I love mousse! I can not get enough of it! I am also super liberal with it. I saturate damp hair in Oribe grandiose mousse from the roots to the ends, and then rough dry the hair. You will have so much touchable volume. Finish off with sealing ends with a flat iron or curling iron. Make sure the heat setting is appropriate. You want it to seal, but not fry".

Suggestion to prevent static or control it?

"Oribes Impermeable. It means "rain coat" in French and prevents frizz and static while blocking humidity". 

Are there do's and don'ts when it comes to styling?

"Never! Have fun and try anything and everything! The only thing is to invest in tools that have heat control settings so you don't damage your hair. Just be kind to your locks". 

Do most of your clients have extensions? 

"Most of the time there is always some help with extensions. It just adds volume and body-even to thick hair. It also lets the style stay longer". 

Let's get the scoop on Christine....

What are three things you always have in your purse? "Deodorant, Cover girl Lip gloss in 'melted toffee' & cash". 

Single/ Dating/ Married? "ENGAGED!". 

What is your favorite lip color? "I like a nude lip or bold lip... nothing in between. For nude I go Maybelline "beige babe" or Nars "belle de jur". For bold, I go Colour pop lippie stix in "trust me".  

Bronzer, Blush or Both? "Bronzer!".  

Red or White wine? "Red or Rose".  

What is your favorite candy? "Swedish fish".

Three must-have shower products? " 'Alaffia Every day Coconut Hydrating Body Wash',  'Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer", and 'Hylunia Facial Cleansing Lotion". 

How often should one cut their hair? "10-12 weeks depending on length". 

When you aren’t making hair beautiful, where would one find you? "Bike ride with friends during the day at the beach or cooking at a dinner party at a friend's house at night". 



To see Christine's Wall Group Portfolio, click here


A while back, I came across these videos by Christine. I left with inspiration and product knowledge. I thought I would attach them for an easy reference! Ulta Beauty Haul, 10- Minute Hair Morning Hair Primp, and Easy Weekend Hair.

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